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Terms & Conditions


Commonwealth Cotton - Terms and Conditions


American Apparel Products

If we sell you any products from American Apparel LLC (“American Apparel), you agree to be strictly bound by these additional terms.  You may not resell or reconvey any American Apparel products to any person or entity, under any circumstances or through any means, unless you first substantially modify those products by printing, embellishing, or decorating them so as to clearly distinguish them from American Apparel's product line.  American Apparel shall have sole discretion to determine whether you have adequately distinguished the products.  As a condition of buying American Apparel products from us now, you agree that these terms apply to ALL American Apparel products you now have or later acquire, whether or not obtained from us and whether or not such products were previously or would otherwise be subject to these terms.  You acknowledge and agree that these terms are for the express benefit of American Apparel; that American Apparel is an intended third-party beneficiary of these terms; and that American Apparel shall be entitled directly, independently, and in its own name to enforce these terms, including (but not limited to) through lawsuits or other proceedings to enforce them.  Only American Apparel may agree to waive or modify any of these terms, and any such waiver or modification must be in writing.  The prevailing party in any proceeding to enforce or arising out of these terms shall be entitled to recover that party’s costs and attorneys’ fees from the other party.


Minimum Order

No minimums. All items may be ordered by the piece.



Prices are subject to change without notice.  All prices reflect cash or check discount.  Prices for payment other than cash or check will receive our standard price.  Standard price list available upon request.


Case Pricing

The price per piece of one style, color and size in case lots.  Each piece purchased after the case quantity is reached will receive the case price.


Dozen Pricing

The price per piece of one style, color and size in dozen lots. Each piece purchased after the dozen quantity is reached will receive the dozen price.


Piece Pricing

Individual purchase price.



All orders are shipped C.O.D. cash or certified check.  Payment by company check or Net terms may be granted upon approval of a completed and signed credit application.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover accepted.  Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 service fee.  A finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% APR) will be assessed on unpaid balances beyond established terms.  Commonwealth Cotton reserves the right to revoke terms at any time and for any reason without prior notification.


Drop Ship Orders

All drop ship orders under $250.00 will be charged an additional $5.00 handling fee.



Same day shipping on orders placed by 5:30PM.  All orders shipped UPS, F.O.B Watertown, MA unless otherwise requested.  Shipping charges include insurance plus a $3.75 handling charge.


Third Party Shipping

On orders drop shipped to parties other than the buyer, it is the responsibility of the receiver to verify accuracy by style, color, size and quantity with the buyer prior to decorating.  Commonwealth Cotton is not responsible for discrepancies on orders received by parties other than the invoiced customer.


Pick-Up Orders

Pick-ups may be made during regular business hours.  Please allow one hour for order processing.  There is a $3.75 handling charge per order for pick-ups.  Same day pick up orders accepted till 4:30PM.



Samples available at the piece price.  Samples are not returnable.


Garment Dyed Apparel

Due to the nature of the garment dying process shade variations may occur.  Garment dyed products should be washed separately in cold water before wearing.



No returns without prior authorization.  No return of decorated or washed goods.  Refused orders are subject to a 15% restocking charge plus all freight charges.  All claims for shortages, damages, etc. must be made within 72 hours of receipt of merchandise.  All damages must be marked with tape.  Returns receive merchandise credit.  Credits will expire if not used within one year.