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Screen Printing


Commonwealth Cotton’s core trade customers are silk screeners, which is validated by the products we stock and sell.  We’re a tight knit team that will go out of our way to get to know you.  We will provide you outstanding response and product information.  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff prides themselves in delivering top notch service to our customers.  We’re conveniently located 5 miles West of Boston in Watertown, MA (1 mile from the Mass Pike and 3 miles from Rt. 128) where our customers pick-up in an hour after submitting their orders, receive Commonwealth Cotton deliveries within Rt. 128, and receive their goods via UPS or common freight carrier.  We stock a wide range of basic and fashion t-shirts, sport shirts and fleece.  We have outstanding capabilities to expedite drop shipments directly to you from our mill suppliers.


  • Anvil
    • Basic Tees for Adults, Ladies and Youth


    • Fashion Tees for Men and Ladies


    • ChromaZONE Garment Dyed for Adults and Ladies Junior
      • Tees
      • Fleece


    • Caps


    • Towels


  • Gildan
    • Basic Tees
      • Adult
      • Youth
      • Toddler


    • Adult Sport Shirts


    • Adult and Youth Fleece


  • American Apparel

(Unisex, Ladies Junior, Youth and Toddler)


    • Fashion Tees


    • Sport Shirts


    • Fleece


    • Undergarments


    • Accessories


  • Lee


    • Adult Fleece


    • Youth Fleece


    • Fashion Fleece


  • Adams Headwear Caps and Hats

Commonwealth Cotton is Adams only full-line distributor in the United States


  • Gerber
    • Toddler and Infant Tees


  • One 2 Wear
    • Infant Bibs


  • Forest & Hue
    • Button Down Denim Shirts