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Heat Transfer


Heat Transfer and Dye Sublimation


Commonwealth Cotton is an ideal wholesaler for heat transfer providers.  We’re a tight knit team that will go out of our way to get to know you.  We will provide you outstanding response and product information.  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff prides themselves in delivering top notch service to our customers.  We’re conveniently located 5 miles West of Boston in Watertown, MA (1 mile from the Mass Pike and 3 miles from Rt. 128) where our customers pick-up in an hour after submitting their orders, receive Commonwealth Cotton deliveries within Rt. 128, and receive their goods via UPS or common freight carrier.  We stock a range of the most popular 50/50 Cotton/Polyester t-shirt, sport shirt and fleece brands as well as caps/hats of choice that are ideal for dye sublimation applications.  We also have a wide selection of 100% cotton products.  We have outstanding capabilities to expedite drop shipments directly to you from our mill suppliers.


50% Cotton/50% Polyester Tees


  • Gildan
    • Adult Style G8000
    • Youth Style G8000B


  • American Apparel
    • Melange (Heathered) Fashion Tees
      • M434 Men’s (55% Cotton/45 % Polyester)
      • M304 Ladies Junior Cut (55% Cotton/45 % Polyester)


    • At Your Service with a range of Fluorescent Tees, Baby Thermal Blends available on special order


  • Hanes
    • Adult Style 5170



50% Cotton/50% Polyester Jersey Sport Shirts


  • Gildan Style G8800


  • Anvil “Stain Repellant” Style 4600



50% Cotton/50% Polyester Fleece


  • Gildan
    • Style 18500 Heavyweight Hooded Blend Sweatshirt
    • Style 18600 Heavyweight Full Zip Hooded Blend Sweatshirt
    • Style 18000 Heavyweight Crew Neck Blend Sweatshirt
    • Style 18000B Youth Heavyweight Crew Neck Blend Sweatshirt
    • Style 18500B Youth Heavyweight Hooded Blend Sweatshirt



  • Lee
    • Style 83330 Cotton Blend Adult Crew Sweatshirt
    • Style 82240 Cotton Blend Sweatpant
    • Style 93012 Cotton Blend Youth Crew Sweatshirt
    • Style 92310 Cotton Blend Youth Sweatpant